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Peer review

Student peer review is an effective way to increase student feedback, and evaluate the capability of students to review and critique work. The task of providing feedback on the work of others  adds a collaborative approach to learning and can expand engagement whilst raising awareness of possible approaches to problem solving.

The Turnitin PeerMark feature provides instructors with the option to introduce students to peer assessment. Additional options allow the instructor to:

  • choose whether the reviews are anonymous or attributed;
  • include free form or scale questions
  • require review of one or many assessment submissions made by their fellow students;
  • set dates for the peer review process to be completed;
  • grade the quality of the peer review provided.

PeerMark can only be used in conjunction with the Turnitin assignment, If considering peer review for other assignment tasks refer to the Workshop activity for more information.

Feedback studio panel does not provide direct access to PeerMark. To access PeerMark click on the option 'return to classic view" from the document viewer

Return to classic view

An alternative option is to launch peer review from the Turnitin assignment submission inbox.

Launch PeerReview

This tutorial demonstrates the process of peer assessment in Moodle, utilising the Turnitin PeerMark tool. It shows both the teacher and student experience

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