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How to access Adobe Connect LTI recordings

Adobe Connect live classroom sessions can be recorded to be viewed at a later time.

During the live classroom

When inside the Adobe Connect session, the host can start recording. From the 'Meeting' menu, select 'Record Meeting...' and choose an appropriate name for the recording.

record meeting

In the Adobe Connect LTI activity in your LEO unit

Once the live classroom has concluded, the recording is available to the host via the Adobe Connect LTI activity in the unit. It is accessed by clicking on the 'Recordings' link below the name of the meeting room.

recordings link

The list of recordings for this meeting room appears.

recording actions

  1. When a recording is first made, it is not published and will not be visible to students. Tick the 'Published' check box to make it visible to students in the unit.
  2. Clicking on the name of the recording will let you view the recording.
  3. The 'Access', by default is 'Private' (locked icon). This means that others outside this unit will not be able to view the recording.
  4. The 'Actions" dropdown has a number of options:
    1. Edit the name of the recording.
    2. Edit the recording itself (simple editing involving cutting sections only).
    3. Share the recording by making it 'Public' (unlocked icon) and sharing a direct link.
    4. Make Offline (save the recording as a video file)