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Equella icon"LEO Content" (also known as "Equella") refers to ACU's learning content management system. Equella is the name of the database software used at ACU by the LEO Content web server (https://leocontent.acu.edu.au).

From within LEO, as an Editing Lecturer, you will typically:

  • Contribute learning content into the Equella database,
  • Embed readings from the Copyright Database (also currently in Equella), and;
  • Embed other resources from the Equella database.
  • Supports an extensive variety of file formats for learning resources:
    • Document formats like Word, PDF, and HTML
    • Image formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF
    • Multimedia formats like PowerPoint presentations, movies, and audio files
    • External resources like URL links
  • Automatically recognizes your role and access level via the LEO plugin
  • Automatically displays the latest version of your online resources in your LEO unit
  • Allows you to collaborate and share ownership of a resource with other colleagues
  • Provides a WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") text editor for simple web page creation
Equella is a web-based platform that provides one central location for the delivery of a diverse range of  content for learning and teaching.

The following are the important benefits of using Equella:
  • You can centrally manage and share resources across multiple LEO units. For example:
    1. If you have a document that needs to be embedded in multiple units in LEO, this document can be placed in Equella first, then added to your LEO units.
    2. If you need to update this document, you only need to make your edits in one place (Equella) and all the LEO units that use this resource will automatically display the latest version. This saves a lot of time as well as eliminating human error (e.g., forgetting to update said resource on one of the other LEO units).
  • You may collaborate by sharing ownership and editing rights of the resources you develop with other lecturers who teach in your unit.
  • You have great control in managing versions of your resources, with confidence that your LEO units will always display the one you nominate to be the latest published version.

Equella is also used by the ACU Library as a database for managing and sharing copyrighted online readings.

Before sharing copyrighted (textbook) materials in your LEO unit, please visit the ACU Library's "Reading Lists in LEO" page to learn about:

  • How the Library's Online Readings team can assist you
  • The diverse range of options you have for adding copyrighted material in your LEO unit
  • Using Equella CAL for online readings in your LEO unit