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Java issues and alternative tools

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Recent upgrades to web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox have disabled specific Java functions that Kaltura relies upon for its advanced screen recording and presentation features. As such, you may not be able to use these tools in the short term. The following are some alternative strategies and applications you can try in place of Kaltura functions, should you not be able to get them to load.

Try Internet Explorer (Windows PC) or Safari (Mac)

Internet Explorer for Windows may handle Java applications better on your machine than Chrome or Firefox, so try using this browser first if you have access to it. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Java if you are prompted to when using Kaltura recording functions.

Safari may be an option if you are using a Mac, however Java is disabled in Safari by default and must be downloaded, installed and activated on your computer first.

Getting support

  • Java issues: If you experience difficulties installing Java on your ACU machine, please contact the ACU Servicedesk for assistance.
  • Kaltura issues: If Java is already installed and you are experiencing issues with Kaltura functions, please contact LEO Support, or try one of the solutions suggested below.

The applications mentioned in this section are discussed further in the next section.

Screen recording / webcam recording

Recording your screen or webcam for instructional purposes can be achieved using the Echo360 Personal Capture, Adobe Presenter, or QuickTime software. Both Personal Capture and Adobe Presenter allow you to record both screen and webcam at the same time.

Video presentations

A video presentation can be achieved simply by doing a screen recording while showing a PowerPoint slideshow presentation and narrating via a microphone. Alternatively, you can use the Presenter tools that are added to the PowerPoint desktop application when you have the Adobe Presenter software installed.

Media upload

This Kaltura function may still work correctly for you, even if other Kaltura functions do not. If you are uploading a video file to Kaltura that you have saved on your computer, the Add New > Media Upload function in Kaltura should work fine in all browsers. If not, try a different browser in the first instance, then try the following alternative methods.

Echo360 Personal Capture (PC or Mac)

The Personal Capture software is a program you can install on your PC or Mac that allows you to record your screen, yourself through a webcam, or both as a side-by-side presentation. You can then save this video to Echo360, share it to your unit or download the completed file.

Please contact ACU Servicedesk to request installation of the Echo360 Personal Capture software.

Please note: this software package connects to online storage via the Echo360 website. If you are unable to log into this service, please request access directly by contacting Michael Sobek.


Adobe Presenter Video Express (PC or Mac)

This is an easy to use screen and webcam recording application that can be used to quickly and simply record videos that you can then upload into Kaltura using the Media Upload function.

Please contact the ACU Servicedesk to request an installation of Adobe Presenter Video Express.


QuickTime (Mac Only)

The QuickTime software (included natively in MacOS) allows you to make recordings of your screen or webcam in real-time, which you can then save to your computer and upload to Kaltura.