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How to set up a Kaltura Media Assignment

The Kaltura Media Assignment activity allows you to collect digital video submissions from your students. The Kaltura Media Assignment activity can be used for the purposes of assessment or as a learning activity, and submissions may be graded or ungraded.

To add a Kaltura Media Assignment activity to your LEO Unit:

  1. Navigate to your unit from within LEO.screenshot of the activity picker in LEO, with Kaltura Media Assignment highlighted
  2. Click 'Turn editing on'.
  3. Scroll down to the section in your Moodle site you would like to add the Kaltura Media Assignment activity to (for example ‘Assessments’), then click on ‘Add an activity or resource’. From the options given under the ‘Activities’ heading Select ‘Kaltura Media Assignment’ and then click on ‘Add’.
  4. In the next screen you will need to give your Kaltura Media Assignment a name. You can also select the dates that the activity will be available to your students, select whether or not you will accept submissions after the due date, whether you will allow resubmission of assignments, and whether or not you want to enable email notifications to notify you when a student uploads or updates an assignment submission. You can also enable or disable grading for this activity.
  5. Click 'Save and return to unit'.

Students are able to upload multiple videos to the Kaltura platform before the due date. Then when it is time to submit the student is able to access the Kaltura Media Centre via the link in your LEO unit. Clicking on 'Add media submission' will allow them to select which video they want to submit, and clicking on 'Submit media' which allow that video to be accessible to teaching staff in your unit.

screenshot of the student view of the Kaltura Media Assignment

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