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Kaltura icon Kaltura is a video/audio streaming system that provides an easy to use facility for uploading, storing, searching, recording and accessing video and audio material via LEO (Learning Environment Online). Kaltura provides a better viewing and listening experience to engage your students. compared with uploading directly into your unit or via Youtube. Kaltura media allows video to stream in higher quality, automatically adapt to the student internet connection speed and is viewable on most mobile devices.

In summary Kaltura provides:

  • staff and student access to uploading video content related to their unit or for assessment
  • high-quality streaming videos
  • searchable storage of new and existing video libraries
  • robust media streaming on mobile devices
  • Kaltura videos are private and cannot be viewed by the public.

LEO (Learning Environment Online) has a range of media options for creating and sharing media such as recording online lecturers (live classrooms); online participation (Adobe Connect); and creating, storing and sharing media in a safe environment (Kaltura media). These various media options can play a key role in enabling your students to access resources that support learning wherever they are without needing to attend a specific location at a defined time.

The use of video also makes it possible for lecturers to present knowledge in different ways and enable dirrerent forms of interaction with students.

Kaltura media can be used to:

  • show real life scenarios
  • explain concepts
  • act as triggers for discussion.