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How to add an entry to a Glossary

To add an entry to a Glossary you need to:

  1. Click on the link to your Glossary from within your LEO unit (you do not need to have editing turned on for this activity)
  2. Click on the blue 'Add a new entry' button
  3. The fields available to you will look different, dependant upon the settings you selected when you set up your Glossary, but there will usually be a 'Concept' field, and a 'Definition' field. These are both marked with red asterisks, meaning that they are compulsory fields. You are able to complete your 'Definition' field with text, and a variety of multimedia elements including video, links, and other embeddable content.
  4. Optional: Enter appropriate 'Keyword(s)' for your Glossary entry. Keywords are 'tags' which allow you to search your Glossary at an even more granular level. If your Glossary entry is auto-linked, then any keywords you add at this stage will also be auto-linked.
  5. Optional: You can also upload files, such as a PDF or PowerPoint file, by dragging it into the 'Attachment' field.
  6. Depending on the settings you selected when you set up your Glossary, you may also be able to: enable or disable auto-linking of the term throughout your LEO unit; enable or disable case sensitivity; and decide if your Glossary entry will match partial words, or only the entire word as it appears (for example, a Glossary entry named "head" will not create a link inside the word "headache")
  7. Click 'Save changes' when you are done.

If you are using the Glossary activity for the purposes of helping your students become familiar with discipline specific terminology, you should also think about embedding activities within your LEO unit which require the students to make use of these terms in both written work and oral presentations. You do not want your students to memorise only the meaning of the words, but also to be able to use them in their correct context.

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You have three options for your newly created Glossary entry, you can delete it (red cross icon), edit it (pencil icon) or upload it to your ePortfolio (green arrow on a book icon). These options are available to you from the main page of your Glossary activity, to the right of the title of your Glossary entry.

screenshot of the options available for your newly added Glossary entry