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How to use ratings to grade LEO Forums

The Forum activity in LEO has the functionality to allow you to 'rate' individual Forum discussion posts. These ratings are translated into grades within the Gradebook and can be used for the purposes of summative and formative assessment. Any ratings which are given in the Forum are added to the Gradebook, however the actual grade the student receives will differ depending on the settings selected.

By default, only lecturers can rate forum posts, although other users (for example students) can be given permission to do so. NOTE: You must first add your Forum to your LEO unit, before you are able to change role permissions for this activity.

  • To learn how to add a Forum to your LEO unit, please read 'How to set up a Forum'.
  • To learn how to assign roles within a Forum, please read 'How to assign roles within LEO' (You can assign roles within any type of activity within LEO).

If you want to enable 'Ratings' within your Forum, you will need to enter the edit your Forum's settings.

You can access the settings page of your Forum by clicking on 'Turn editing on', then clicking on the 'edit' icon to the right of the Forum's title. Select 'Edit settings' from the options provided.

NOTE: Clicking on any of the section heading on the settings page will expand that section.  Alternatively, you can click on ‘expand all sections’.

To enable 'Ratings' within your Forum you need to:

  1. From the Settings page for your Forum, navigate down to 'Ratings'.
  2. Select your 'Aggregate type' from the options provided in the dropdown menu. These options are outlined in more detail under 'Aggregate types' below.
  3. Select the type of grading you want to use in your Forum. If you select 'Scale', then a number of options will be made available to you. If you select 'Point' grading, you can then enter the maximum grade available for this activity.
    Optional: you also have the ability to restrict which posts are able to be graded according to the time they were posted ('From' and 'To').
  4. Click 'Save and return to unit' when you are done.

The options available to you are:

  • Average of ratings - The mean of all the ratings given to a student's posts within a Forum.
  • Count of ratings - The number of rated items becomes the final grade. NOTE: The total cannot exceed the maximum grade for the activity.
  • Maximum - The highest rating given to any one post will be assigned as the final grade given for the assignment.
  • Minimum - The lowest rating given to any one post will be assigned as the final grade given for the assignment within the Gradebook.
  • Sum - All ratings which have been given to all individual posts are added together. NOTE: The total cannot exceed the maximim grade for this activity.

If ‘No ratings’ is selected the activity will not appear in the Gradebook. If you are using your Forum for the purposes of communicating with your students, it is advised that you select 'No ratings' from the options provided.

If you choose a rating then you will be asked to select a scale. Point grading allows you to enter the maximum grade available, whilst scales are used by units, for example the ACUcom competency scales.