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folder icon The Folder resource acts as a container for individual files and other sub folders. It creates an organised, hierarchical structure for information to displayed as a list. A Folder allows lecturers to display various files together in one place including Word, PPT, Excel, image files and PDF. However the downside of using the Folder is that it does not allow 'Content' or html to be added into the Folder resources and students will be forced to download files stored in the Folder resource.

You are able to hide and show your Folder from your students as required, and restrict access via group and groupings.

You may also be interested in learning more about the 'Book' resource, which contains a sequential series of pages (or 'chapters') within one resource, including images, files, html and media.

To learn more, please read our LEO Guide - Book

The Folder tool is not suitable for the purposes of assessing students, as only lecturers can create folders and add files directly into a LEO unit. It's primary purpose is to 'push' information through to students.

The Folder resource can be used to provide draft files the student is required to download, edit and resubmit to an assessment.

For examples, you could create a folder within LEO that contains:

  • PDF
  • Word documents
  • PPT file
  • Excel file
  • Images files

The Folder enables lecturers to add multiple files accessible via a single link in the LEO unit.

The main benefit of a Folder in your LEO unit is to create a branched structure of information that helps students conceptualise their learning.

Similarly, the 'Book' resource also provides a sequence of pages students can work through.

Folders are restricted to file uploads and student will be forced to download and view files.

File upload includes browse and upload or a drag and drop options. For information uploading a file or about drag and drop view the video at this link.

Folder resources in MoodleDocs

If you are interested in the Folder resource, you may also be interested in learning more about the Book resource. The Book resource is a series of sequential pages (or chapters) which can be used to display dynamic content.

Alternatively, if you are interested in creating a dynamic series of pages which are non-sequential, with the added capability of embedded Quiz questions, you may like to lean more about the Lesson activity.

A Page resource is a dynamic webpage, where you can add text, images, embed video content from YouTube, Vimeo and Kaltura. It also allows to attached files within the page where you can build a context around your content.

All these resources or activities use a text editor to enter text and add interactive elements to the resources and activities within your LEO unit.

LEO Guide - How to add a folder to your LEO unit

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