LEO Guides

How to create a page and add media

ePortfolio separates content from display; that is why ePortfolio’s are sometimes referred to as a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). You choose what to share with whom, when, and for how long.

Pages are the smallest unit of display. You could use them to distribute a single file, or a range of evidence using multiple media types, including: text boxes, images, image galleries, videos, journals, PDFs and web pages. See below for a full list of media types.

From your ePortfolio dashboard, click 'Create', or go to the 'Portfolio' tab at the top of the screen, then the 'Pages' tab in the sub-menu.

ePortfolio add a page

Set up a page layout using a table paradigm (number of columns, rows) and then drag the appropriate media type from the choices in the left hand column when editing a page. This connects you to your existing repository or allows you to upload evidence directly from your device.

ePortfolio edit page

Set up pages around a single attribute to make it easier for you to cluster assets over time that evidence how you meet the criteria, and making it clearer to the viewer when navigating through multiple pages.

Download apps such as PortfolioUp to add media captured on your mobile device.

ePortfolio stores your files in a secure, cloud based location. You can access your repository from any internet connected device, and upload media captured on your mobile device.

  • (HTML) Text boxes
  • Images
  • Media
    • File(s) to download
    • Folder
    • Image gallery
    • Embedded media
    • PDF
    • HTML
  • Journals
    • Journal
    • Journal entry
    • Recent journal entries
      • Entries to show
    • Tagged journal entries
  • General
    • Comments
    • Annotation
      • Can allow feedback
    • Creative Commons license
      • Can allow/disallow commercial use of work
      • Can allow/disallow modification of work*
        • *As long as others share alike
      • Version (3.0 or 4.0)
    • Navigation
    • Plans
    • Recent forum posts (can include posts from groups)
      • Set number of posts to show
    • Note
  • Personal information
    • Profile information
    • Social Media
    • My entire resume
    • One resume field
  • External
    • External feed
      • RSS (Really Simple Syndication), ATOM Publishing Protocol (APP)
    • External media
      • Kaltura ‘My Media’, Prezi, Slideshare, etc
    • Google Apps