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How to create a Collection and submit it in a LEO Assignment

Once you have created a number of Pages you can aggregate them together into a single, navigable document called a Collection. This way you can submit (send) a single link that contains different forms of evidence against multiple criteria.


Think of Pages as permanent assets that you build on over time. Collections are more like transient, contextual envelopes in which to enclose multiple Pages for delivery to specific audience(s) as required. The same Pages could be used in different Collections; job applications, performance or probation reviews, or research grant applications.


A student can submit their Collection (or Page) via a LEO Assignment (not Turnitin). By default, Pages are locked from being edited once submitted until they have been assessed.

The LEO Assignment must first be set up by the Lecturer, with the submission type as 'Mahara portfolio'.

When the student goes to submit, LEO will give them a list of all the available Pages and Collections in their ePortfolio. They select the Page or Collection they would like to submit to this assignment and save the changes.

Student submission

The lecturer or marker will be provided with links to those submitted Pages and Collections when they go to mark the assignment.

A Page can only be used in one Collection at a time. Either delete a Collection to add the Page to another Collection, or copy Pages to use the duplicate in another Collection.

Collections quickly and easily allow you to assemble several Pages that address different criteria to meet specific requirements.