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Mahara ePortfolio icon'My portfolio' is a multi-faceted learning tool. It contains a digital repository, reflective journal(s), webpage builder and social networking tool. You can store multiple digital media types up to a quota of 128Mb; MS Office documents, PDF’s, graphics, etc. Larger Audio Visual files can be displayed via a link from ‘MyMedia’ on LEO.

Your ePortfolio is accessed by clicking the 'My portfolio' link in the 'Navigation' menu after you have logged into LEO.

My portfolio in the navigation menu

ePortfolios have a huge capacity for both formative and summative assessment.

Students can submit ePortfolio pages through the LEO Assignment activity in a unit.

  • Dashboard to share information with friends
  • 128Mb Storage arranged by folder structure
  • Journaling
  • Resume builder
  • Create Plans and add notes to pages
  • Create Pages around single skills
  • Create clusters of Pages as Collections
  • Share Pages and/or Collections with individuals, groups or anyone with an Internet connection
  • Export your ePortfolio in LEAP2A format for import into other ePortfolio systems that support this open source function
  • Import LEAP2A files
  • Find and join (open membership) groups
  • Find and make friends with other ePortfolio members
  • Follow topics of interest in your groups

ePortfolios are both a tool for learning, and a record of learning (Barrett, H., 2010). With an ePortfolio you can record and reflect on your learning journey, saving (and exporting) the conceptual tools that will make you an effective, collaborative practitioner after you graduate. Using an ePortfolio promotes self-regulation, metacognitive awareness of how you learn most effectively, and supports your life-long learning as a professional in a fast changing environment.

An ePortfolio allows you to quickly assemble, and easily submit, a body of evidence for an assignment (as it is integrated with LEO), or send links to external organisations for accreditation, apply for a job, or submit a proposal for research projects. It also allows you to build peer networks, which will be your most effective learning support in the workplace.

Barrett, H. (2010) Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolio. Educacao, Formacao & Tecnologias. 3 (1) pp.6-14