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How to set up a computer for unscheduled Classroom Capture recording

Echo360 ALP Classroom Capture software can be used for unscheduled lecture recordings, such as if your lecture is moved to a different venue. All staff registered with Echo360 ALP will be able to login and access ad-hoc lecture capture capabilities from any learning space where the podium computer has Classroom Capture installed. This is includes the vast majority of small to medium-sized learning spaces.

Note: If you need to capture a learning activity other than a Lecture (such as a Laboratory or Tutorial), this can also be recorded but MAY require an additional step. For non-Lecture recordings, if your unit does not appear in the list at step 11, choose 'Personal Library' instead of your usual unit. After the recording is done, you will need to create a link to the recording in your Personal Library by completing step 14 below.

Before you can record an unscheduled lecture for the first time in a learning space, the Echo360 ALP Classroom Capture software will need to be configured. This process only needs to be done once for each learning space.

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
    Windows start icon
  2. Type 'Echo360' in the search field.
    Launch Echo360 software
  3. Echo360 Classroom Capture will appear in the list.
    Click 'Launch Echo360 Classroom Capture' to open the software.
  4. The Echo360 Classroom Capture window will open. If you get a warning pop up about "Chrome browser windows", click 'Retry'.
    in Chrome click retry
  5. Click the 'Record' button.
    the record button
  6. A message will pop up asking to "Please Log in to Upload Content". Click 'Ok'.
    Log in to upload content dialogue
  7. The Echo360 login window will appear, prompting you to enter your ACU email address. Enter your email in the field provided and click the 'SUBMIT' button.
    enter your email address
  8. When prompted to 'Select the institution for login', select 'Australian Catholic University' from the drop-down list and click the 'SUBMIT' button.
    Select the institution

  9. A pop-up security dialogue may appear. Click the 'Allow' button.
    Security dialogue pop-up
  10. Type in the name of the lecture you are about to record and click the 'Record' button.
    names the recording

  11. A final pop-up will appear asking for the unit this recording should be connected with. Select the correct unit from the drop-down list and click the 'Record' button.
    Choose 'Personal Library' if your unit does not appear in the list - perhaps because you are recording a tutorial not a lecture. You will need to complete step 14 to make recordings from your Personal Library available to students.
    select the unit this recording belongs to
  12. The recording will start in five seconds.
    the recording will start in five seconds
  13. Minimise the Echo360 Classroom Capture window and start your lecture.
    Windows taskbar recording paused
  14. Follow this step only if you have saved the recording to your Personal Library in step 11.
    a) Log into LEO and navigate to your unit. Click on the Echo360 link that you have previously created, to open the Echo360 interface. Click the 'Library' link at the top of the page.
    the Library link
    b) Double-click on the recording you want to share, then click on the 'Sharing' tab.
    the Sharing tab
    c) You will be asked if you want to share publicly or to another user. Choose 'Public links' and you will given a URL. Copy and paste this link into your LEO unit for your students to view the recording.
    Important note: The public link makes the recording publicly available to anyone with the link. While the link may initially only be available in LEO, it is possible to share this link outside of LEO. Carefully consider creating a public link if you have confidential or copy write content in the recording.

    the public link

To PAUSE the recording
Right mouse click in Echo360 icon in the taskbar. The Tasks menu will pop-up.
Click the 'Pause' option.
Click pause in the pop-up

To RESUME the recording
Right mouse click in Echo360 icon in the taskbar. The Tasks menu will pop-up.
Click the 'Resume' option.
Click resume in the pop-up