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How to link directly to individual Echo360 recordings

Echo360 ALP allows the lecturer to link directly to individual recordings, instead of the full list of all recordings for a unit. This involves creating a single link for each recording.

Note: This process needs to be repeated for each individual lecture recording.

  1. Log into LEO and navigate to your unit.
  2. Turn editing on.
  3. Navigate to the section that you would like the link to the lecture recording, click 'Add an activity or resource', select 'External tool' then click the 'Add' button.
    Choose external tool
  4. Give your activity a name, for example "Week 1 - Lecture recording".
    From the 'Preconfigured tool' dropdown list, select 'Echo360 Lecture Capture'.
    name the external tool
  5. In the 'Privacy' section of the external tool untick the item 'Accept grades from the tool' so that this activity does not appear in the gradebook. Click the 'Save and return to unit' button.
    untick the accept grades from the tool option
  6. Click on the lecture recording link that you have just created.
    lecture recording link
  7. You will be taken to the Echo360 interface.
  8. link to specific content
    Choose the correct section, if it is not already selected, then click the option for 'Link to specific content in your section'.

  9. Select the correct recording by clicking on the name. The recording name will be highlighted in light blue.
    Click the 'LINK CONTENT' button.
    link to specific content
  10. You will be taken to the Echo360 video player of that recording.
    Close this window.
    the video player
  11. The next time you or a student clicks on the lecture recording link in your LEO unit, they will be taken directly to the recording you selected.