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How to set up your computer for Classroom Capture (Echo360 ALP)

Scheduled Classroom Capture

Classroom Capture (CCAP) is a Windows-only software program that can be downloaded and installed on PC’s inside classrooms and lecture theatres. It effectively turns the computer into a capture device, where the installed CCAP software and the attached cameras and microphones are used to capture presentations and lectures. If your class is scheduled then your recording will start automatically at the scheduled start time.

Note: In order for your lecture to be recorded, the computer must be turned on and you must be logged in to the Classroom Capture software before the scheduled start time. You must also log out before the next scheduled class begins.

Ad-hoc Classroom Capture

Classroom Capture (CCAP) can also be used for ad-hoc classroom recordings, for example if your class is moved to a different venue. All staff registered with Echo360 ALP will be able to login and access ad-hoc classroom capture capabilities from any classroom camputer enabled venues (where this technology has been installed) university wide. At ACU Classroom Capture is used for recording scheduled lectures, and for ad-hoc classroom capture.

Before you use Echo360 ALP Classroom Capture software for the first time you will need to set it up correctly. Note: This process only needs to be done once in each teaching space that the Echo360 ALP Classroom Capture Software has been installed.

To set up Echo360 ALP Classroom Capture software you need to:

  1. Launch Echo360 ALP by clicking on the icon from the desktop or taskbar.screenshot of the options available to you in Echo360 ALP
  2. Before you are able to start recording you will need to set up the microphone, the primary display, and the webcam. Click on 'microphone' and select the relevant input device. Select 'Desktop Microphone' if you intend to stay at the front of the classroom (as the microphone is attached to the computer). Select 'Wireless Microphone', (when available), if you intend to move around the classroom.
  3. Click on 'Primary display' and select which monitor you want to be recorded. Selecting 'primary display' will record your main desktop window.
  4. Click on 'Webcam' and select the relevant input device. If you don't want your face to be recorded then select 'None selected'.
  5. Click on 'Record' to start recording your lecture. A popup screen will appear, prompting you to enter your username (ACU email address) and password.
  6. A countdown timer will display, indicating that the recording will start in 5 seconds. screenshot of the Scho360 icon as it appears in your taskbarWhen your recording starts, the Echo360 Classroom Capture Icon will appear in the taskbar. This icon indicates that you are currently being recorded.
  7. Click on the 'Stop' button to stop recording your lecture. Once you have stopped the recording you will see the message 'Your recording is now being uploaded'. Note: It is important that you do not turn off the computer while your recording is being uploaded, you can however log off the computer. Please wait at least 24 hours for the recording to be processed. When the recording has been processed and it is ready for you to edit and view a link will be sent to you via email.

You are able to pause the recording at any time by clicking on the Echo360 ALP icon located in the taskbar, then clicking on the 'Pause' button. This functionality is useful for times where you are displaying copyrighted material, or you do not wish to record a student discussion. Click on the 'Resume' button to start recording again.

the pause and stop buttons in Echo360