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echo360 iconStudents today face an increased need for flexibility in accessing their learning materials. Increasing access to lecturers at all hours enhances learning outcomes by enabling increased accessibility and possibilities for new learning technologies.

Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) is a cloud based platform with unlimited lecture recording storage. It aims to improve the student learning experience and allow lecturers to record their lectures from any learning and teaching space (with recording facilities in place) across the different ACU campuses.

To learn more about how to use Echo360 ALP please read our LEO Guides:

ACU is implementing a new enhanced lecture capture technology, as part of the Learning for Life project. This upgrade follows the recent announcement from Echo360 on the discontinuation of their current lecture capture platform by 2018.

Canberra Campus

ACU Canberra Campus has been chosen as the pilot site for Echo360 ALP implementation, as they are the main ACU Campus where lecturers are mandated to record all their lectures. The new platform is expected to be ready for testing in Semester 2, 2016. This means all lectures will be recorded an stored in the cloud.

The Echo360 ALP implementation at the Canberra Campus will include:

  • Software installation of the new Echo360 ALP in all learning and teaching spaces including Labs.
  • Software integration between Echo360 ALP and Syllabus+ (timetabling).
  • Software Integration between Echo360 ALP and ACU Learning Management System (LEO).
  • Online training for Canberra academics, students and professional staff (as required).
  • Live demonstration of Echo360 ALP Lecture Capture/Personal Capture.

Echo360 Classroom capture provides an easy way to distribute content to students in a reusable format that students can view in their own time, take notes, pause and re-watch.

Ech360 ALP will include polling, learning analytics and other enhanced features, allowing simultaneous live streaming and closed captioning.

Echo360 ALP is also compatible with Job Access with Speech (JAWS) screen reader, and helps low-vision students to access content.

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