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How to approve a Database entry for publishing

To approve your students' Database posts for publishing.

  1. Click on your Database from within your unit (NOTE: You do not need to have editing turned on for this functionality).
  2. Click on the 'View list' tab to view all of your entries, or click on 'Search' to search for an entry via key words, the surname or first name of the author, time added, and other parameters. Locate your entry (or entries).
  3. You wil have four options available to you for each entry: 'Edit' will allow you to edit the entry, and is represeented with a pencil icon. 'Delete' will remove the enty permanently from your Database, and is represented by a red cross icon. 'Approve' will make the entry available ("published") and is represented by a green check mark icon. 'Export to portfolio' will upload the entry to Mahara (ACU's ePortfolio) and is represented by an an icon with a green arrow on it.

the icons available in Database

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