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How to print from a Book in LEO

screenshot of the administration block, which is now the book administration blockThere may be occasions when you, or your students, would like to be able to print the content available via a Book resource. If you attempt to print the content from a Book activity directly from your screen you will encounter two issues: one is that you will also be printing extraneous content from the page (such as the blocks and LEO header image), and secondly you are not able to print out all of the content at once, and would need to open each chapter in a new window and print each of them separately.

To combat these issues, the Book resource has an inbuilt 'Print' function. To print out either a single chapter from your Book, or the entire Book, you need to:

  1. Click on your Book from within LEO
  2. Navigate down to the Administration block, which has now become the Book administration block
  3. Click on either 'Print book' or 'Print this chapter' as appropriate
  4. The content for either of those options will be displayed in a new window. Extraneous content, such as blocks and the LEO header has been removed.
  5. How you print from this screen will vary depending no the device you are using. See the list below:
  • PC - Press "Control + P" to send your Book content to your local printer.
  • MAC - Press "Command + P" to send your Book content to your local printer.