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How to bulk download submissions from the Assignment activity

There are various ways you can choose to mark student assignment submissions, these include

In this section we look at how to download your student's assignment submissions:

The LEO Assignment activity allows students to upload their assignments in a digital format. After your Assignment cut-off date has passed, you may like to download all of your Assignment submissions for offline grading and/or printing.

To download student Assignment submissions you need to:

  1. Navigate to your unit from within LEO.
  2. Click on the Assignment activity.
  3. Click on 'View/grade all submissions'
  4. You will be taken to the 'Grading action' screen. From here you are able to view the 'status' of all of your student's Assignment submissions (whether or not the student has submitted an Assignment). screenshot of one student's assignment submission status
  5. You can select individual Assignment submissions by selecting the checkboxes in the left hand column next to the student's name. Otherwise you can select a bulk grading action from the dropdown menu. The options available to you are:
    • Download all submissions;
    • Upload multiple feedback files in a zip;
    • View gradebook.
  1. Select 'Download all submissions', then in the new popup window that opens select 'Save File'. You are able to save all of your Assignment submissions as a zip file onto your computer or device. You will then be able to access and mark each Assignment submission separately.

NOTE: it is important that you do not rename any of the files you have downloaded. Maintaining the naming convention used by LEO will allow you to reupload the Assignment submissions in bulk, rather than having to reupload them individually.