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How to access my LEO units

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Clicking on the 'My units' link from the 'Navigation' menu will bring up a list of units that you are enrolled in. Look for the breadcrumbs which are a good way to know where you are in LEO. It is also useful to follow the navigate pathway and go back a level or two.

Navigation block

  • Dashboard: provides an overview of your units

It also lists your units in a single page and displays key unit information such as due dates for assignments and quizzes.

displays dashboard including an overview of units and activities

  • 'My Units': provides access to your units

images displays navigation block and link to 'my units

Click on the title of your unit to view a break down of the unit sections this allows you to drill down to specific information.

image displays list of sections under 'my units' view

Each unit in LEO will look slightly different depending on your Faculty, your Lecturer. There are some similarities between all units, however.

Unit layout

  • Units will be broken up into sections which could be topic-based or week-based.
  • The first few sections will include important information about the unit such as:
    • a unit outline which includes learning outcomes and due dates for assessments etc.
    • an 'Announcements' forum your lecture will use to post important notices as they come up
    • an introduction to your lecturer.

'Breadcrumbs'/navigation pathway

  • Whatever page you are on, the 'breadcrumbs' will tell you the unit you are in and what area or activity you are currently looking at.

Your unit outline

  • The unit online is usually located in the introduction section of your unit or first' section .

NOTE: In some faculties National units may include your unit outline in your campus section or 'tile'.

Your Grades

  • When assessments are marked, you can access these marks from the 'Grades' link in the Administration menu.

displays layout of LEO unit pages

At the end of each semester of teaching period your units are archived and listed by year.

displays link to My archived units under Navigation block

These units are still accessible but in a 'read only' view, and you will be able to:

  • view content
  • view previous assessment submissions and feedback

you will not be able to:

  • post to forums
  • submit an assessment

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