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How to create a Collection

A 'Collection' is similar to a small website where you can choose which 'Pages' to add to your collection including navigation (links) to move between them. All 'Pages' in a collection have the same access permission however a a page can only belong to one collection at a time. If you need to have a page in more than one collection use the 'Copy page' first in the Portfolio > Pages.

Once you have created a number of Pages you can aggregate them together into a single, navigable document called a Collection. This way you can submit a single link to your LEO assignment that contains different forms of evidence against multiple criteria.

Think of Pages as permanent single assets that you build on over time. Whereas the 'Collections' are more transient and can be contextualized to a particular purpose

Create a collection:

1. Make sure you have at least two existing 'Pages' to put into your collection

2. Go to Portfolio > Collections and click on New Collection button

For more information about how to submit a collection to a LEO assignment (not Turnitin), refer to How to submit ePortfolio

3. Enter the Collection name (you can also add a description and tags if you choose), Leave page navigation set to Yes, then click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

displays create collection

4. Drag 'Pages' from the left-hand box, to the right-hand box to add them to this collection

5. Click 'Save'

The 'Collection' results list will display your 'Collection' and include the pages linked to the 'Collection'


Use the icons to add more pages, edit or delete the collection.

NOTE: if a 'Collection' was submitted to a LEO assignment you will not be able to edit or delete it.

A Page can only be used in one Collection at a time. Either delete a Collection to add the 'Page' to another 'Collection', or copy 'Pages' to use the duplicate in another 'Collection'.

Once a 'Collection' is submitted to a LEO assignment it will become locked.

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