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About Eportfolio (Mahara)

Mahara ePortfolio imageWhat is My ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a digital repository you can use to store and document your educational journey at ACU. Your ePortfolio allows you to store a wide range of electronic information called 'artefacts' such as documents, reflective journals, artwork, images related to fieldwork or placements and videos. You can use ePortfolio to collate and present information called 'pages' or 'collections'. These pages and collections can then be shared with your teacher using a LEO assignment task.

Your ePortfolio is your own personal space and no one can access the content of your ePortfolio without your approval.

The platform ACU uses for ePortfolio is called 'Mahara' and your quota limit for your ePortfolio is 128mb. If you require additional storage space contact your lecturer and ask them to request additional space via the LEO support desk.

In your ePortfolio you can:

  • create journals
  • prepare pages
  • store files
  • collect links documenting your education journey

Use your ePortfolio to:

  • record your learning experiences
  • showcase your academic and personal skills
  • submit ePorfolio assessment tasks using LEO

Your ePortfolio is accessed by clicking the 'My portfolio' link in the 'Navigation' menu after you have logged into LEO.

1. Log into LEO using your ACU username and password

2. Click the MyPortfolio link

image displays access to My ePortfolio link in the Navigation block

You may be required to submit your ePortfolio pages or collections as assessment tasks through your LEO unit. The LEO Assignment activity will be used to share this information with your teacher in order for them to assess your work and provide feedback and marking for unit specific tasks.

The first page you will see after accessing your ePortfolio is called the 'Dashboard'.

displays ePortfolio dashboard

  • Dashboard: this will bring you back to the dashboard page
  • Content: this is where you can enter and edit your profile and resume information.It is also where you can upload files and create folders
  • Portfolio: this is where you can create 'Pages' and 'Collections'

ACU provides email and telephone support services for students and staff through its educational technology partner, Androgogic.

Please take the time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions below as you may find the answer you are looking for there.

The Support Desk operating times are:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am - 10pm (Sydney Time)
  • Weekends and NSW Public Holidays, 9am - 5pm (Sydney Time)
  • Closed: Good Friday & Christmas

For Support Desk enquiries please contact us via:

  • Telephone on 1800 246 442
    • Calls made to the 1800 number from most fixed line telephones are free to the caller
    • Calls made from public/mobile telephones or from overseas may be charged at a timed rate