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All communication within LEO, amongst staff and students, is intentionally designed to support learning and teaching and to facilitate high achievement of the unit learning outcomes.

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LEO offers a range of different interaction tools which should be used intentionally to.

  • Communication strategies and tools are selected which are appropriate for the delivery mode of the unit.
  • Learning activities in the LEO unit are designed to facilitate progression towards higher-order thinking via student-student and student-staff interaction.
  • The communication strategies selected (synchronous and asynchronous) are appropriate for, and support the priorities of, various student populations within units

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Staff should understand that an active presence in their LEO unit is essential to student achievement.

  • Staff provide a timely response to student enquiries and provision of feedback.
  • Staff create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere at the start of the unit.
  • Staff are committed to actively monitoring how students are engaging in the unit.
  • Staff foster student engagement with the unit and the material.
  • Staff involved in delivering the unit are clearly identified in terms of their roles and responsibilities.

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Teacher-to-teacher communication is vital to ensure effective delivery of a unit and to create a consistent learning experience for students, regardless of campus and delivery mode.

  • Course/Unit coordinators ensure new teaching staff are orientated adequately to the unit.
  • The teaching team have a shared responsibility to ensure adequate planning, moderation and unit/course evaluation occurs before, during and after each unit so that the content, delivery and assessment of a unit is consistent across campuses and delivery modes.

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Staff and students have a shared responsibility to be respectful in all online interactions.

  • Staff and students should be sensitive to different viewpoints and alternative perspectives.
  • Staff should model respectful behaviours for students at all times.

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