LEO Guides


When you first go into a LEO unit, there will be a banner with the ACU logo and breadcrumbs. There will be menus and blocks in the left and right columns of the page. The bulk of the content, resources and activities, however, appears in the large centre column of the page.


Every LEO unit is broken up into sections. The most common and preferred way to display these sections is in the 'tiles format'. Usually, the first few tiles will be material about the unit as a whole, with titles such as "Information", "Assessment" and "Communication".

After the general information sections, the unit will usually be broken up into sections based on topic or week.

Clicking on a tile opens up a screen listing the content for that section. Clicking on the 'All sections' tile opens up a screen listing the content of all sections.

Section names and the images on the tiles can be changed. Sections can be added, removed, hidden and their access restricted. See the 'Settings' page in the 'Your units' topic of the LEO Guides to find out more about the appearance and settings of sections.