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Personal settings

preferences menuClicking on your name at the top of any LEO page brings up a menu with options to personalise LEO for you.

In LEO select the 'Preferences' option from the menu.

On this page there are options to edit your profile page, change your password, configure your notification settings, change your forum setting and much more.

Select each title below to find out more about some of the key settings available to you.

In LEO, from the 'Preferences' page, select 'Edit profile'.

This page is where you can edit details about yourself and also how other users might view details about yourself.

There are two sections in particular on this page that might be relevant. Click 'Update profile' at the bottom of the page after you have made any changes to your settings.

Under 'Email display' ensure that this is set to 'Allow only other unit members to see my email address' or 'Allow everyone to see my email address'.

email display

It is important that students in your unit can see your email address and are able to contact you this way if necessary. You can also choose to make your email address visible to anyone who has access to LEO.

Under 'User picture' it is possible to upload a profile picture of yourself. The profile picture will be available to students when they view your profile page. It will also be visible during some activities; when you post in a Forum for example.

Having a profile picture is useful for students to put a human face to their lecturer and for them to quickly associate 'important' posts in the Forums. I would also encourage students to upload their own profile pictures.

To upload a picture, drag a picture file into the box provided, or click on the 'plus' icon to browse for a file on your computer.

new profile picture

In LEO from the 'Preferences' page, select 'Messaging'.

Whenever certain actions occur in LEO, it may send a notification, either in the form of an email or a popup. The popup will only occur when you are logged into LEO.

Some of the actions that might generate a notification include:

  • Another LEO user sends a message to you through LEO
  • Someone posts in a Forum that you are following
  • A student submits a Turnitin Assignment in your unit.

You can choose how (and if) LEO will send you a notification in each category. Tick or untick each option to suit your situation. When you have finished, click 'Save changes'.

messaging notification settings

In LEO from the 'Preferences' page, select 'Forum preferences'.

LEO makes it easy for you to follow Forums that you are interested in. If you are subscribed to a Forum, LEO can send you notifications whenever someone posts in that forum, or if you prefer, you can get a daily digest of all the posts that day.

The 'Forum preferences' page allows you to set your overall preferences for Forum notifications in LEO. Some settings can also be overridden on a Forum by Forum basis.

Throughout LEO you will see contextual help in the shape of a question-mark icon. Click the question-marks to find out more on the options.

forum preferences