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Communicating with students

Communication is central to supporting learning and teaching, building an effective community and facilitating high achievement of the unit learning outcomes. This can be between academic and student or between student to student.

For a comprehensive guide on communicating in the LEO environment, see the Communicating section of the LEO Guides.

  • The main way academics will send notices out to students in their unit is through a News forum or Announcement forum.
  • It is possible to send individual students a message through LEO's in-built messaging function.
  • Many academics will also set up a question and answer type forum where students can publicly (within the unit) ask questions. The lecturer(s), tutors and other students can respond. The advantage of this is that you might only need to answer the same question once. Many students will often has the same questions.
  • LEO can send notifications through emails, or as a popup when users receive a message or notice. Individuals can configure how and when they receive notifications.