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How to connect, communicate, collaborate

There are a various ways messages can be sent to participants in LEO. These range from:

  • 'Messaging': notification options located in your preferences and how you receive personal messages from other users. These notifications relate to activities in units where you are enrolled.


  • 'Messages': between users either in your unit via participants list or via messages located under the Dashboard.

NOTE: Sending messages via the Participants list in a unit, allows a lecturer to choose whether the message is sent to the whole class, all the members of a group, or singularly.

  • Dashboard: allows a LEO user to view recent notifications and conversations.

'Messages' is located under the Dashboard allows manage your contacts and also to manage message history. It can also be added as a block to your unit.

From the messages block you can manage your contacts and view recent conversations and notifications between a lecturer or student, search for LEO users or locate a class list.

This is helpful if you want to review the history of a conversion.

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