LEO Guides

How to send a message to a group

There are a number of ways to access Messaging, including the 'Messages' block, however this guide focuses on sending a message, through the participants list in a unit.

1. Navigate to your unit in LEO, then in the 'Navigation' block, go to Current unit > Unit name > Participants.

2. If you have groups in this unit, select a group in the 'Visible groups' or 'Separate groups' drop-down at the top of the page.

Choose group

3. If there are more than 20 participants in the unit, they will not all be listed on the first page. At the bottom of the page, click the link that states 'Show all [number of students]'.

4. Then click the 'Select all' button at the bottom of the page.

5. At the bottom of the page, from the 'With selected users...' drop down select 'Send a message'.

Send group message

LEO displays the 'Message unit users' page.

6. Enter your message in the 'Message body' field.

7. Click the 'Preview' button.

8. When you are ready to send your message, click 'Send message' button.

If your message is not time critical, consider using Forums with groups for messages.

The message body field contains the usual text editor functions, so in addition to text, you can include images or hyperlinks if required.

The term visible or separate groups is dependent on the group settings in your unit. If you do not have groups in your unit, and under 'Unit settings' your 'Groups' is set to 'No groups' the 'Visible groups' or 'Separate groups' drop-down will not appear as an option under the participants list view.