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Sends an instant message to an individual student, group of students or an entire unit cohort. Students will receive the message instantly depending on how they have set up their notifications. If the message is for a large group and the message is not time critical, then Messaging should NOT be used. Forums and News forum are more appropriate for non-time-critical group messages.

Effective communication supports student learning through building a community and creating a social presence,.Communicating with students individually, or in their separate groups, as well as addressing the whole class, gives them a positive sense of your engagement with their learning experience. Creating a community encourages students to be active and responsive participants in your unit especially if they can see that you will monitor and comment on their individual progress.

  • Messaging is instant. Students will receive a pop-up notification if they are logged into LEO and/or an email depending on their notification configuration.
  • Students can reply to the message.
  • Attachments are not possible with Messaging.
  • There are sometimes difficulties with instant Messaging large cohorts. Make sure you send the message in groups if this is necessary.
  • Messages can be sent to any LEO user, but this guide will focus on sending messages to participants in a particular unit.

Messages are great for targeting students who need individual attention. They are also good for time critical messages such as "The lecture today has been cancelled."

A participant list displays 20 students by default, please note if you are messaging large cohorts, consider sending the message to groups rather than the whole class.

There are a wide range of communication tools and options to do this for different purposes. Which tool should you use:

Maintains regular communication with students consider student notifications settings and when and how they might receive information.

Announcements are one way communicate between the lecturer and the student, consider using this in a similar way to a bulletin board for the whole class.

Consider using a forum to create a weekly discussion,

See everyone who is on at the same time and connect with them to discuss important matters related to the unit.

Find out what has happened recently through a unit activity block to display updated resources, activities or forums posts and assignment submissions.

Messaging is just one way to promote a social presence to initiate conversations with students, however there are many more to engage students in your unit.