LEO Guides

Notification activity settings

How messages are received is dependent on the way the unit is organised, the activity settings and also 'Preferences' notification settings.

For example some LEO activity tools include different grading or submission notifications, which can be selected to notify graders of recent student activity.

Messages are communication between one user to another, these can include individually, as a group or as a whole class. If Personal messages between users is ticked as email, you will receive a copy of the message in your ACU email.

If Pop up notifications is ticked when you're logged in a message will appear when your online in LEO  If 'when I'm offline' is ticked, the Pop up message will appear next time you log in.

Personal messages

News forum is automatically created and added in the top section of your unit. As it is a forum specifically for announcements, there is only one News forums per unit. The News forum is a 'forced subscription' which means users are not able to 'opt-out' of receiving this information. After the 1 hour editing period has passed, students will receive an email based on scheduled times.

Forum subscription

General forum can also be used for Q&A, where students ask questions and the lecturer can respond by providing feedback to the whole class. A general forum is not a forced subscription and students can opt out of receiving emails.

Assignment notifications can be sent to a student if email is ticked for 'assignment notifications' in 'Preferences'.


and notify graders or students is also selected in the Assignment settings.


Kaltura media assignment notification allow lecturers to receive email alerts when students submit their assignments.

Turnitin assignment notification sends a digital receipt to student email when they submit their assignment.


Turnitin assignment also allow lecturers to send a notification to students who have not submitted.


Badges: If email is ticked, students and staff can manage and download their badges.

Feedback: if email is ticked, students can receive an email reminder, if 'enable notification of submission' is selected in the Feedback settings. Staff enrolled in the unit can receive notification of feedback submissions.

Lesson: if email is ticked for 'lesson essay graded notification', students can receive a notification when an essay question is graded by their lecturer.