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Announcement/News forum

Forums are an online space for discussion where users don't need to be online at the same time (asynchronous). The News forum is a special Forum where only Lecturers can create and send postings to the whole class.

News postings appear as new message in the News Forum and also in a block called 'Latest news', postings are forwarded as emails through a 'forced subscription'.

News forum

To send a posting to a News Forum:

1. Navigate to your unit and then click on the 'News forum' link.

This is usually the first activity in your unit. It is sometimes renamed by faculties to 'Announcements'.

2. Click the 'Add a new topic' button.

3. Complete the 'Subject' and 'Message' fields [these are required fields].

4. Add an 'Attachment', if required.

5. Tick the 'Mail now' box. Please note, this does NOT mean the message is instantly sent to students. It means the message will skip the normal 1 hour editing period.

6. Click 'Post to forum'.

LEO will post the information to the News forum/Announcements and to emails, dependent on scheduled times

A News Forum message field contains the standard LEO text editor functions, meaning that in addition to text, you can also add images, links or embedded video.

Messages are a good way to send important information to students, however if your message need to include supporting documentation, it is best to use the News Forum as it includes an 'Attachment' area to upload one or more supporting files. The attachment will be displayed in the news message where students can choose to download the file to a location on their computer or device.