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Regular communication helps keep the lines of communication open between staff and students and may include a welcome message, video introduction, a Q & A forum or other collaborative and informative communication options. A strong academic presence can help engage students in content and activities and ensure student satisfaction and engagement throughout the duration of the unit.

LEO offers a range of different communication tools that are synchronous (working together at the same time) or asynchronous (relay of information with a time delay). As an academic chose the best communication tools that suit your learning and teaching context (you are not expected to use all of them).

Some of the communication tools available in your unit may include:

  • the News forum
  • discussion forums
  • upcoming events block and calendar block
  • recent activities block to help student track recent activities in your unit
  • group communication and collaborative spaces.

Many of these communication tools will be based on how the unit is delivered, as well as your faculty preferences.