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Manual gradebook items

There are a few reasons to put a "manual" activity item into the gradebook.

One is because the unit might have activities that exist outside of LEO, such as a presentation, or a simulation assessment. If nothing is submitted through LEO it may be useful to create a manual item, so that the lecturer can still place the grade/mark and any comments into the LEO gradebook directly.

Another reason to create a manual item, is to hide the raw mark for a Turnitin assignment. A Turnitin assignment is only capable of displaying a numeric mark. While this mark can be displayed as a grade in gradebook, a student will still see the mark if they go to the Turnitin assignment directly. The workaround is to NOT put the mark into Turnitin, but instead put the mark/grade directly into a manual item in the gradebook. Comments and rubrics can still be used in Turnitin, but no mark should be attributed to those comments in Turnitin itself.

  1. From Grades > Setup > Categories and items, click the 'Add grade item' button near the bottom of the page.
    add grade item button
  2. Give the item a 'Name', a 'Maximum grade', select a 'Grade category', if relevant, and change any other settings as necessary.
  3. Click the 'Save changes' button.
  4. Move the item to the relevant position in the gradebook and save the changes.