LEO Guides

Gradebook and groups

group modeIf a unit is broken into groups by campus or by tutorial, for example, it may be useful to set the 'group mode' for the unit to 'separate groups'. Doing this ensures that tutors (and non-editing lecturers) will only have access to the marks and the grades of those students to which they are assigned.

  1. From the unit's 'Administration' menu, select Administration > Unit administration > Edit settings.
  2. In the 'Groups' section of the settings page, change the 'Group mode' option to 'Separate groups'.
  3. Click the 'Save and display' button.

Once this setting is enabled, a non-editing lecturer will only be able to see and edit in the gradebook the marks of those students that are in the same group as them.

The editing lecturer (or lecturer in charge) will still be able to interact with all marks within the gradebook.