Lecture capture (Echo 360 ALP)

Echo360 Active Learning Platform  (ALP) is a presentation capturing system that allows staff to record digital video and audio of lectures, presentations and tutorials. Links to these recordings can be  integrated into LEO for students to access online at their own convenience.

Students today have tablets, laptops, computers and smart phones at their fingertips and are accustomed to being able to access information quickly and easily. Echo360 ALP recordings are viewable on a variety of platforms, including both Windows and Macintosh; as well as mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

students working around a laptop

Echo 360 (ALP) Update - What you need to know

From 2017 all lectures at ACU (where lecture capture capabilities are available) will be automatically recorded.

The Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) is going to be implemented during the Christmas break 2016-2017 across the Brisbane, Melbourne and North Sydney campuses, followed by Adelaide, Ballarat and Strathfield campuses over the subsequent months.

Please see the ACU Lecture Capture Policy.

Echo360 ALP not only provides more user-friendly lecture capture, but also has in-built pre-lecture, in-lecture and post-lecture student engagement tools and analytics capabilities. Importantly its storage is cloud-based which allows for unlimited recordings and fewer concerns about storage and bandwidth.

This implementation of Echo 360 Active Learning Platform will place ACU at the forefront of lecture capture technology in Australia. Academics will no longer have to manually request for their lectures to be recorded, as this process is going to be automated as of Semester 1, 2017. Academics will have to ‘link’ their LEO site to the lecture recording once and any further lectures recorded will be then automatically linked.

Archiving of recorded lectures
The archiving of the existing recorded lectures (past four years) to the new cloud-based storage will start in November 2016. Academics will be notified via email regarding their unit recordings prior to the migration exercise.

If you have any questions regarding the Echo 360 ALP upgrade, please email Cyntia.Franco@acu.edu.au or Michael.Sobek@acu.edu.au

To learn more about how to use Echo360 ALP please read our LEO Guides:

If there are non-ACU staff guest lecturers who are likely to be recorded, please use the Guest Presenter Consent to Recordings/Photographs (PDF, 41.74 KB).