Guidelines to enhance the use of LEO

Within higher education it is becoming increasingly important to understand the place of technology in student learning, professional practice and social interaction. Teaching with technology is not just about keeping up to date with the latest tools. It is about understanding the role digital literacy plays in student learning and their future workplace environment and knowing how to successfully support learning through the use of technology.

students studying

The purpose of these Guidelines is to enhance the use of the Learning Environment Online (LEO), and consolidate the foundations established for university teaching at ACU. The Guidelines describe what academic and professional staff need to know and do to utilise relevant technologies in their teaching practice.

This resource outlines key principles and clarifies the intentions of each along with their implications for practice. This document was developed as a Learning for Life project through a wide consultative process that included key learning and teaching stakeholders such as Faculties, Library, ACU IT, eLearning LTC and Students Learning and Teaching. The Guidelines were endorsed by Academic Board in December 2015.

While not exhaustive, these Guidelines provide an overview of what each of the key principles might look like in practice and help initiate discussion, collaboration and sharing about actual experiences, in key learning areas.

Phase two of this Learning for Life project commenced in early 2016 and a diagnostic tool is being developed.  This tool will help academic staff assess how their LEO units are tracking against the Guidelines. Links will be created to the specific resources (How to’s, videos, LEO Guides, other reference materials) that will help academic staff to address the Guidelines in identified areas.