Student Feedback on Unit (SFU) questionnaire (please see attached file for questionnaire items) was piloted in Semester 2, 2011. SFUreplaces the Learning and Teaching Evaluation Program (LTEP) questionnaire which has been the main tool to collect student feedback on units. LTEP was paper-based and was produced upon request. SFU surveys will be conducted online and the survey environment will be generated for all units (i.e., there is no need to request for SFU). It is anticipated that Faculties will include a few faculty-specific items in SFU. Separate SFU reports will be generated for each ‘teacher’ identified in Section B of the attached file, and these reports will include summary data for Section A. Further information on the procedures will be made available soon

James NicholsonStrathfieldeLearning15 October
Sulo JeyapalanNorth SydneyLTC18 November

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