Teaching Support Program

Delivery mode: Facilitated online sessions accompanied by face-to-face or virtual group coaching

Duration: 7 weeks, 1-2 hours per week

Frequency: 1-2 times per year

The Teaching Support Program (TSP) is a Learning for Life initiative that supports ACU academic staff in developing capabilities in designing and planning quality learning experiences for students across a range of delivery modes, particularly in LEO and online modes.

The fundamental premise supporting the TSP is that time allocated to unit design and planning is reflected in the quality of the teaching and the learning experience for the student. Starting with the ‘design backward; deliver forward’ curriculum / unit design model, a core element of the TSP is to offer a process, using practical tools, to bridge the Unit Outline with the planning and design of the LEO unit.

Another core element of the program focuses on the why and how of Active Learning, and then provides a template, based on good practice models, that teaching staff can use as a guide when designing learning activities.

Lastly, the TSP explores various technology-enhanced learning approaches to match teaching strategies with the appropriate digital tool for use in online learning and teaching or F2F teaching environments.

This course will enable participants to:

  • use the language of learning and teaching to aid communication with Faculty and LTC colleagues in planning and developing your units
  • explain the process of curriculum mapping used at ACU to align units with course, academic program and institutional outcomes
  • apply the principles of 'constructive alignment' in order to link unit learning outcomes, assessment tasks, learning activities and content
  • construct learning outcomes at module/lesson/session level
  • develop units based on good practice learning design principles, with an emphasis on selecting and using technologies for activity-based learning design

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at lecturers and senior lecturers, both continuing and sessional. Other ACU staff with an interest in or responsibility for unit design and planning, particularly in LEO and other online environments, may also participate.

What is the time commitment?

7 weeks, approximately 1 hour per week + optional tasks.

The program comprises a series of sessions run over 7 weeks as outlined below. As each session builds on the previous one, participants are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions and complete post-session tasks. Please note that only one initial registration is required for all sessions.

When is it available?







Live classroom

15 August 2017

1 hr

2 pm-3 pm (AEST)1.30pm-2.30pm (ACST)


Live classroom

22 August 2017

1 hr

2 pm-3 pm (AEST)1.30pm-2.30pm (ACST)




1 hr



Live classroom

5 September 2017

1.5 hrs

10.30am-12.00 pm (AEST)10.00am-11.30pm (ACST)




1 hr



Live classroom

19 September 2017

1 hr

2 pm-3 pm (AEST)1.30pm-2.30pm (ACST)




1 hr



  • “…I could see why my units haven’t been sufficiently engaging. I learn best by reading but I recognise that many (most?) or our current learners need to be more actively engaged…”
  • “… I learnt a great deal. Most importantly, the program gave me a frame of reference to reflect on my teaching practice, and put me in touch with a great many resources….”
  • “In practical terms the TSP helped me greatly in understanding what LEO has to offer in terms of "digital tools" and how these might be utilised to enhance online teaching and learning.”
  • “the Adobe Connect sessions were extremely well designed and enormously valuable…. The sessions were carefully organised, highly practical, extremely motivating and sequenced well to support the learning needs of a diverse range of staff participants. It was wonderful to have ‘backward design’ and ‘constructive alignment’ explained so clearly and the various templates… introduced really helped me to get my second semester unit outlines working more effectively to support my students.”

How do I apply?

Please ensure that you have sought approval from your HOS/HOD/LIC/Supervisor to undertake this professional development activity before registering.

Register  your interest for the next TSP


Educational Designers Meghan Appleby (North Sydney) and Peter Bruhn (Melbourne) from the Learning and Teaching Centre.