Introduction to learning and teaching for academics new to ACU

Introduction to learning and teaching for new academic staff is a free workshop held at the start of each semester. It is usually offered face-to-face, but can also be undertaken via online resources and webinars.

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Introduction to learning and teaching is recommended for all new academic staff, sessional, contract and ongoing employees commencing teaching roles.

These workshops provide an opportunity for new academic staff to become familiar with learning and teaching at ACU. The Learning and Teaching Centre offers these workshops in partnership with other support units at ACU, such as the Library.

Participants will:

  • meet and network with new and experienced academic staff in your school and other faculties either face-to-face or in a virtual environment
  • locate and use support services for learning and teaching
  • find information on learning and teaching policies, procedures and student management
  • get an introduction to LEO (the learning management system used for learning and teaching at ACU).

Learning outcomes for the face-to-face workshop:

  1. Find appropriate and helpful information to address questions that arise in the natural course of your academic teaching and learning activities through a semester (information includes policy, associated procedural requirements, details of how these procedures are operationalised at ACU, the names and roles of key contacts and support provisions).
  2. Direct your efforts and activities in an informed, guided but self-directed way based on an understanding of the requirements of your academic role.
  3. Apply an understanding of key principles of good practice that are embedded in ACU policies and procedures to your day to day responsibilities associated with your teaching and learning role.
  4. Use LEO and other systems, plus the full range of administrative resources to advance the responsibilities of your teaching and learning role.
  5. Collect and collate appropriate resources to build a profile demonstrating excellence in learning and teaching.

Venues, Dates and Times







Wednesday 27/7/2016




Monday 25/7/2016

9:30am - 12:30pm



Friday 22/7/16

9:30am - 12:30pm


M4.40, 115 Vic Pde

Thursday 28/7/16

9:30am - 12:30pm

North Sydney

16A, TWH Bldg

Tuesday 26/7/2016

9:30am - 12:30pm


CL 2

Monday 25/7/2016

3:00pm – 6:00pm

Note: All necessary resources will be provided during the workshop, however, we recommend you that you bring your own laptop or portable technology device to enable you to access the electronic LEO resource site. Sydney based staff are welcome to attend either Strathfield or North Sydney workshops.

Registration is available via Staff Connect or email.

Course Type Code: INTRO2LT

Course Type Description: Intro to Learning and Teaching

Download the Session Outline (PDF, 386.54 KB).

If you are a new academic staff member and are unable to register via Staff Connect please send an email stating: Full Name, School, Faculty and contact number and email to: You may also contact Sulo Jeyapalan at the Learning and Teaching Centre directly.