Banner Image Library

The following images can be used as banners on individual pages

  • Copy the Asset ID and paste it into the Insert Image > URL text box.
  • Ensure you use the class "img-responsive" to make the image resize to fit the user's screen.
  • If you use your own images for banners, ensure you have permission.
    • They should be of the width/height ratio of 4:1.
    • 1200 x 300 pixels is a good size. Make sure they are at least 900 pixels wide.
Image Asset ID
teacher and two students 879902
Three students collaborating at a laptop 870379
students in a corridoor 879883
macbook 879887
geometry on a blackboard 879900
mathematics on a blackboard 879901
students studying 879903
students chatting 879905
students working 879908
library books 879909
students working around a table 879917
students discussing ideas 879918
students studying 879922
students studying 879924
tutorial class 879926
staff giving advice to student 879928
student group discussing 879930
students working around a laptop 879931
typing on a computer 887050
teacher and students 887160