Teaching criteria and standards framework by level

The Australian Catholic University Teaching and Criteria Standards Framework provides teachers and their supervisors with clear, objective and consistent criteria that will enable their pursuit of excellence in teaching. The application of these criteria to teaching practice will occur within the context of the Catholic intellectual tradition and with a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person and the common good.

  • This page presents the ACU Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework by staff position. If you would like to see these standards grouped according to indicative criteria, please consult the Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework in the University policy pages.

Learning and teaching quality should be evidence-based. All academic staff can use the matrix for career planning, in preparation for performance development reviews, and in preparation for applying for promotion. The criteria are best presented in a teaching portfolio that documents achievement.

In building a teaching portfolio, academic staff should describe their work in relation to each of the seven teaching criteria and provide evidence in support of their claims. The term ‘teaching’ is used to encompass the full range of teaching contexts, that is, undergraduate, postgraduate, clinical, laboratory, workshop, studio, field and work-based teaching. The descriptions and indicative evidence outlined in the framework are neither prescriptive nor exhaustive. It must be emphasised that it is not expected that each and every item listed under each criteria must appear in the portfolio. Furthermore, other examples that are not listed can be used to demonstrate performance and achievement. The suggested indicators of evidence provided are not exhaustive. Actual evidence used will depend on a number of factors including the staff member’s pathway.

In building a case for promotion, it is not necessary for an academic to be strong in every one of the seven criteria. Instead, the applicant should highlight the criteria and contributions in which they have particular strengths.

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