Online Capacity Building

Brief description of the project

The rationale for this project is a need to build capability and capacity of academic staff in developing units for online and multi-mode delivery. Additionally, in the ACU context, multiple units from the same course are frequently developed (or re-developed) at the same time.

For this reason, the Online Capacity Building (OCB) project aims to propose:

  • a systematic approach to unit development (or re-development) in the form of a model, along with
  • a practical, project tool kit to assist with this endeavour.

In so doing, a shared lexicon around online design and development at ACU will also emerge. A shared language is important as it will help facilitate future discussions between the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) and Faculties around scoping online unit development projects and the provision of advice regarding such projects.

Online Capacity Building Project Objectives

The objectives of the Online Capacity Building Project are to:

  • Design and build in LEO an online ‘toolkit’ in modular format for Schools / Faculties wanting to develop (or re-develop) units for online or multi-mode delivery. The toolkit will propose a staged project management and development approach.
  • Collate and create (where necessary) practical resources, templates and support materials that assist Schools / Faculties with developing units for online or blended delivery that are consistent with , and improve School / Faculty knowledge and application of the Guidelines to Enhance the Use of LEO.
Contributing to which Hallmarks

Hallmark 2: Achieve Excellent Teaching Practices

Hallmark3: Deliver excellent student learning experiences

Hallmark 6: Continue to build a University culture which values and rewards high quality teaching

Project Facilitator

Mrs Meghan Appleby