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Welcome to the LEO Selector Tool.

This tool helps identify the best tool in LEO for your specific needs

Select this Link or select LEO the LION to launch the WebGL version.

Note: You must be using Firefox, Chrome, Edge or other WebGL enabled browser to run this interactive version of the LEO Selector Tool. Alternatively, try the LEO tool selector LITE which will run on any browser.

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Download and Install

Use the following links to download and install the LEO Selector Tool:

Win 7 or later:

LEO Selector Tool Installer (Requires Administrator Rights for your computer.) Download and run to automatically install), or

LEO Selector Tool Win.zip Download and unzip. You must extract this file (right click, extract all) and run the LEOSelectorTool(.exe) application inside the LeoSelectorWin folder that is created.

Mac OSX:

LEO Selector Tool MAC

Coming soon:

Android Tablet


A Guide to the feature rich version of the LEO Selector Tool

The LTC has developed a feature rich version of the LEO Selector Tool that can be run in a WebGL browser or downloaded to your preferred device (desktop or mobile).

One interesting feature of this tool is the the content is external. The questions, choices, links, tools and weightings are all controlled by an external database allowing updates independent of the tool itself. The tool could easily be re-purposed for similar matrix based information sets.


This simple to use tool will list the most suitable tools for your requirements based on your responses to a series of questions.

Recommendations will be rates according to your responses and a live list of resources matching those recommendations will also be provided.


Leo Selector Tool Guide.

If you would like a step by step guide for the LEO Selector Tool, then download this PDF. However, the tool is designed so you don't really need it.

Leo Selector Tool Guide

Any queries or issues?  Contact peter.weyand@acu.edu.au