Teaching and supporting student learning

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Learning and teaching approaches

Variety in teaching approach and learning activities is important in engaging students. As you develop your teaching expertise, you expand the range of teaching activities you know and use.

Academic literacies

Central tile LEO homeTeaching staff have a responsibility for developing discipline-specific language skills (see the English language policy), and the Academic Skills Unit is your partner in this.

Students have access to Academic Skills' LEO unit to support them with academic literacy and numeracy, via the central tile of the LEO home page. Academic Skills on LEO includes guidance on writing and referencing and a download of the ACU Study Guide: Skills for Success.

Students benefit most from instruction in academic literacies that is embedded within their course. A practical guide on Embedding academic literacies in first-year units can help with this.

Other resources for supporting academic literacies:

Engaging students and encouraging participation

Ways for students to engage in their own learning include:

  • Self-reflection about their own learning
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities
  • Learning with and from their peers
  • Getting advice on course selection and unit specialisations
  • Becoming involved in the design and delivery of their own learning
  • Providing mid-unit evaluation, with rapid feedback and response
  • Being part of curriculum design and review teams
  • Participating in research projects
  • Generating materials for others to use
  • Teaching (post graduate students)
  • Employability work

(adapted from the UK Higher Education Academy discussion on Dimensions of student engagement)

Coordinating student enrolment and progression

Just in time: support for academics who coordinate a Unit of Study - a national project resource for lecturers in charge ("Unit of Study coordinators")

Staff referral guide to student services (PDF, 2.7 MB) - Your contact with students, and their timely referral to services, as required, is critical to student success and retention. This brochure describes and links to the variety of services available to students at ACU.

Peer observation and review of teaching

Working with a colleague on your design of learning activities and on your teaching and support of student learning can yield useful insights and help you improve the effectiveness of your work.

ACU Learning for Life projects include guidelines for setting up PORT - peer observation and review of teaching.

Other resources for peer review of teaching include: