Teacher Validation Database (TVD)

The Teacher Validation Database (TVD) is a web interface that is used for the preparation of Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) surveys at the University. This database includes a combination of data collected from Banner and Tutorial Direct (Allocate+) systems.

The purpose of the Teacher Validation Database (TVD) is for the relevant National Head of School (for units that are listed on Banner as being offered through a School), Associate Dean – Learning & Teaching (for units that do not belong to a particular School) or nominee to verify and enter the complete list of teaching staff members for each unit recorded in Banner for their relevant Faculty or School. The information collected through this process will be entered into the SELT online evaluation system and the SELT surveys will be conducted for the appropriate study periods.

Access for School/Faculty Nominee to the Teacher Validation Database (TVD)

Restricted access to the TVD is provided to Faculty and School nominees confirmed by the ADLT or National Head of School in each year, allowing the nominees to complete verification for their relevant areas only.

LTC requires Faculty and School nominees to complete verification several times a year(i.e., for published Study Periods) and access will be provided before the verification period commences and removed after the verification period closes. Faculty and School nominees will be advised of access and the verification period dates by the LTC Evaluations team via email communication.

Access for Teaching Staff Members to the Teacher Validation Database (TVD)

LTC will inform all staff members through the ACU Staff Bulletin that the Faculties and Schools are verifying information on lecturers/tutors in units offered through their areas. Staff will only be allowed to see the units for which their names have been assigned, and will be provided with the contact list of those in Faculties and Schools who have the responsibility to verify/update the TVD. If any staff member teaching in a unit is left out of TVD, they will not see the relevant unit information.