Excellence in learning and teaching

The University's strategic plan aims for teaching excellence: specifically, for our faculties to be recognised as providers of quality programs, and for students to experience innovative and distinctive learning and teaching within the Catholic intellectual tradition.

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Learning and teaching quality should be evidence-based. All academic staff can use the matrix for career planning, in preparation for performance development reviews, and in preparation for applying for promotion. The ACU Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework provides teachers and their supervisors with clear, objective and consistent criteria that will enable their pursuit of excellence in teaching. This section of the learning and teaching website provides ideas, resources and advice on improving teaching practice as outlined in the Framework.

Some of the areas where staff can demonstrate teaching excellence include:

  • Designing learning activities
  • Making effective learning environments
  • Teaching and supporting student learning
  • Marking and giving feedback
  • Evidencing learning and teaching (including SELT)
  • Conducting scholarship of learning and teaching

Professor Anne Cummins, DVC (Students, Learning and Teaching), keynote address

Expectations of Learning and Teaching Quality in Higher Education: Implications/Challenges