Welcome to Staff Space

Staff Space introduces you to the new SharePoint environment as staff transition and upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to 2010. Staff Space at http://staffspace.acu.edu.au replaces the destination point from the SharePoint link on the Staff Site Homepage.

This new environment is designed to provide an enhanced document repository system and information sharing tool.

The first faculty and business unit to migrate

The Faculty of Health Sciences is the first faculty to migrate to SharePoint 2010.

Faculty Executive Officer Health Sciences Jacqui Booth led the migration for the faculty working closely with the project team. “Faculty staff are adapting well to this new environment and have found the training available through the online training library to be of great benefit,” Jacqui said. “We worked in close consultation with the project team at all times who provided a great mapping document so as we could easily find where content had been moved to during the migration.”

Jacqui is working closely with Health Sciences Faculty Manager Justine Benfield to continue to shape the new environment and further develop faculty-specific metadata in order to improve function and useability for staff.  “We are looking forward to the full working implementation of the new environment with staff having a further developed understanding of how this operates,” Jacqui said.

Information Technology, Academic Registrar and Student Administration have also recently migrated to SharePoint 2010.  IT Director Rick Van Haeften is pleased that the benefits of IT Team Space for improving processes and communication are already noticeable.

Main features of the transition to SharePoint 2010

  1. A Governance plan forms a major part of the transition to SharePoint 2010 describing how this environment is managed and the roles, responsibilities and rules which apply. See more about this on the About Staff Space landing page at http://staffspace.acu.edu.au/Pages/about.aspx.
  2. Team Space - based on ACU’s organisational structure, the top level links to faculty, division and institute Site Collections, with each having a structure of Sites below them.
  3. Project Space  – one central space for storing documentation relating to projects taking place across all areas of the University, with the aim of increasing collaboration and transparency. Please see more about this at http://staffspace.acu.edu.au/projects/SitePages/User Help.aspx
  4. Cross-Team Space – where more than one individual area of the University are collaborating on work. This is not a part of the Project Space because the work doesn’t contain a specific start and end date.  Please see more about this at http://staffspace.acu.edu.au/crossteams/Pages/Home.aspx
  5. Training – available through our online training library so you can learn how to use SharePoint 2010 at your own pace, anytime and anywhere. Please see the online training page at https://staffspace.acu.edu.au/Pages/SharePoint_Training_Videos.aspx. You can navigate through the courses as they apply to your individual permission level/s as marked.  

Please see The changes to navigating SharePoint (PDF, 1MB)  to help get familiar with Staff Space.

Please note Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for accessing SharePoint and Staff Space so as to experience the best performance in terms of both functionality and presentation. Staff Space also enables access to your My Site area in SharePoint 2007.

If you have any queries relating to the SharePoint 2010 upgrade project please contact Service Desk on 07 3623 7272 or email service.desk@acu.edu.au.