Secondary school students get a taste of university life

Australian Catholic University is offering secondary students from Equity Pathways partner schools a glimpse of life as a University student through their Uni Step Up program. The program promotes engagement and aspirations among students while providing them with the academic skills necessary for university entrance.

The program offers year 11 and 12 students an opportunity to enrol in an Arts, Education, Business or Health Sciences first year university unit.  In January, 45 students across Queensland gathered at ACU’s Brisbane campus to participate in the program which commenced with a four day intensive block.

Students interested in pursuing a career in arts performed a drama piece for their parents, friends and the ACU community.  

“As a medium of communication story-telling is a part of our cultural and social fabric” Tracey Sanders, lecturer in-charge said. “We focus on the use of story-telling performances in this unit as it helps students understand and explore the power of expressive arts and the effect it has in informing and educating both individuals and groups.The program specially benefits the students who get a perspective on what University education is like.”

Students enrolled in the Uni Set Up will continue to undertake online and on-campus intensives throughout Semester 1 and Semester 2.