myVoice staff opinion survey – Have your say!

ACU Vice-Chancellor Professor Greg Craven talks about how your myVoice feedback drives change.





Your feedback is vital to developing a workplace that best helps staff to be effective in their roles.  Help to guide operational decision into the future - by sharing your views on what the University does well, and where we need to improve.  The ACU myVoice staff opinion survey will be open from 31 March 31 to 11 April 2014 is an opportunity for all fixed term and continuing staff to give feedback that helps shape the future of ACU.
The myVoice survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. As a way of thanking staff for taking the time to give feedback, all staff who complete the survey will go into the draw to win a $300 Myer gift voucher.

How your input informs change
Watch the video clip to see how your feedback from previous myVoice surveys has informed a number of changes across the University.  For more information, including case studies which show the progress the University has made in a variety of areas, visit the myVoice website.

Your feedback is confidential and will be reported anonymously

The survey has been developed by Voice Project, an external research and consulting company. The results of myVoice will be independently analysed by Voice Project, who will use processing methods that ensure anonymity and confidentially for any individuals completing the survey.

Staff will receive an email invitation from Voice Project on 31 March which will contain a link to the online myVoice survey.  While you will be sent a personalised survey invitation (to ensure that results are recorded correctly against each of ACU’s business units) your personal data is not passed back to ACU in the anonymous survey results compiled by Voice Project. 

Survey results will be presented to staff on each campus in June 2014.

 myVoice launch events
Join in the morning tea/afternoon tea event on your campus next Monday and hear about how staff survey feedback has informed change in the University. You can also pick up a free sustainable coffee cup, a personal action to help ACU further improve its environmental impact. Be sure to be at your launch event at the start time so you can choose your favourite combination from a variety of cup colours. First in, first served!

You will also be able to enjoy delicious Fair Trade tea, coffee and hot chocolate drinks supplied by PALMS Australia.  PALMS supports skill development in developing countries through the long-term placement of skilled volunteers (teachers, doctors, nurses).  ACU partners with PALMS to further community engagement and social justice goals.     
 Have your say on your University in the 2014 myVoice survey