Distinguished Prof talks heart health

Distinguished Professor talks heart health at ACU

Professor Susan Pressler recently visited ACU as part of her appointment as Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow with the Faculty of Health Sciences and our School of Psychology (collaborating with Professor Peter Rendell). 
Professor Pressler is Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies at the School of Nursing at the University of Michigan.
Professor Pressler conducted a workshop for Early Career Researchers that was attended by staff and students from both the Faculty of Health Sciences and our School of Psychology.
Research presentations were also held on the Melbourne campus and through video conference on the topic ‘Improving heart failure outcomes: strategies to assess and improve cognitive functioning in patients and quality of life among carers and – Multi-faceted challenges in heart failure care’.
The Fellowship enhanced the established inter-faculty research collaboration between the Cardiovascular Research Centre (CvRC)(Dr Jan Cameron, Associate Professor Chantal Ski and Professor David Thompson ) and the Cognitive and Emotion Research lab group within the School of Psychology (Tina Habota, Dr Skye McLennan, Dr Gill Terrett, Professor Peter Rendell and 30 honours/postgraduate students), where the group assists to investigate prospective memory impairments and whether this is linked to poor heart failure self-care performance.